We’re driven by the belief that prevention is the best medicine.

At Ergonomics Plus, we would rather prevent an injury than treat one. The goal is zero. The focus is on reducing risk. Are you with us?

Ergonomics Plus is an ergonomics and injury prevention consultancy. We help safety leaders at manufacturing and distribution facilities empower their organization to prevent musculoskeletal injuries and disorders, resulting in safety, productivity, and quality improvements.

Our Story

Where We’ve Been…

What started as a one man operation has grown into an extensive team of injury prevention specialists providing services throughout North America.

Clients like Schneider Electric, DuPont, GE, and Eaton Corporation turn to us for our unique expertise and prevention-focused service model.

We are a team of ergonomics and injury prevention specialists who love helping workplace athletes stay healthy, productive, and in the game. For over 25 years, we’ve been refining our process to create world-class results for our clients.

And Where We’re Headed

At Ergonomics Plus, we’re committed to maximizing the value of the injury prevention solutions we offer. Of course that’s good business, but the reason for our commitment goes much deeper than that.

We serve our clients aggressively because we believe in the power of prevention to improve the lives of workplace athletes everywhere.

We do what we do because we see where our clients are headed and how it impacts the health, safety, and success of the people in their organizations.


Ergonomics Plus was founded in 1989 by President, Mark Middlesworth. At the time, Mark was working at an outpatient rehabilitation facility as an athletic trainer, where he began to see a trend – the injuries he was helping people recover from were preventable.

A true Prevention Pro, Mark decided it was time for him to move out of the rehab business and do what he was truly passionate about: helping people stay out of the rehab clinic by proactively reducing risk before an injury occurs. Mark leads Ergonomics Plus consulting services across North America, and continues to serve workplace athletes each and every day.

Ergonomics Plus President Mark Middlesworth

Mark Middlesworth, MS, ATC/L, CEES

Ergonomics Plus President

Ergonomics Plus - People First

What matters most to Ergonomics Plus?



From those we serve to those with whom we work, people come first in everything Ergonomics Plus does.


At Ergonomics Plus, we’re committed to maximizing the value of the services we deliver. We’re up to the task.


We work toward measurable success for ourselves and our customers. We are all in business together.


We view our team members as valued partners in our business, and the opportunities for growth in the coming decades are tremendous.

What Clients Are Saying

I would describe the partnership that we have with working with Tara Chase (Ergonomics Plus consultant) as a solid and powerful business tool. Tara has brought an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience that having her input in these project discussions, enables us to collectively make the best decisions on equipment type, location, and process’ that will yield the greatest results while delivering the most valuable ergonomic solution.
— Stephen Scruggs, Schneider Electric

The results speak volumes about the impact of this program on our facility. We reduced MIR from 23.11 all the way down to 2.8 last year, and our OSHA recordable injuries went from thirty in 2005 down to zero in 2009 and just two last year.
— Troy Weber, Juno Lighting Group

Ali is a big promoter of our safety program, has been very effective in our process of reducing the potential for injuries, and provides the best care available for strain and sprain injuries. Many of our employees seek help from Ali for several issues from helping to arrange their work station to designing new work stations to modifying existing work stations. Ali sees several of our employees that have reported a work related injury or issue and helps them to recover faster and without the need of medical attention. Since these injuries do not require medical attention they are not recordable and it helps reduce the cost and any potential loss time. Upon request, Ali will meet with employees and help them to develop a strengthening program for certain areas of the body (back, shoulder, etc.). Ali has been instrumental in identifying ergonomic and other safety issues so that corrective action can be taken before an injury occurs.
— Tim Flowers, Schneider Electric

Jill brings a positive energy and excitement to her job and seems to be able to easily develop relationships and a good level of trust with the employees. The experience is consistent between both plants that I have managed. Jill helps us to drive the desired results at the plant and lends credibility to what we are striving to do from a continuous improvement standpoint in both our Safety program and our production improvement projects. As an example, Jill participated in, or supported, several successful Kaizen Events in the Schiller Park facility. These projects included several major layout changes and development of work stations that involvement made the difference in the buy-in of the employees at Schiller Park. She is doing the same for us here at the Livermore facility and I look forward to working with her and the team as we go down the road of continuous improvement. I find Jill to be a valuable asset to my team. I believe that other plants or organizations would find value in working with Jill and would benefit from her support in their organization as well.”
— Ryan Whitehorn

The folks here at the Schneider Electric Oxford facility want you to know how much we appreciate the efforts of Ray Albensi, and to emphasize the critical role he plays in our goal to drive our injury rate to zero. Our plant recently completed 330 consecutive days without an OSHA recordable incident — a number nothing short of miraculous. In ten years our Medical Incident Rate (MIR) has fallen from double digits to less than one. Ray’s service was one of the main components in our journey to world class safety. We do not make toasters; we manufacture products that weigh hundreds of pounds, so the opportunities for injury are ever-present. This fact, compounded by our “vintage” workforce where the average age is over 40, could easily make us a Worker’s Comp nightmare. Instead, we could probably match injury rates with most office sites. Ray is very good with addressing the root causes of our worker’s discomforts, helping alleviate issues before they reach the painful stage requiring medical treatment. He is constantly evaluating our work activities and gauging their impact on our workers’ safety and health. And by constantly seeking the operator’s input, he has built such a solid relationship with both the shop floor and office workers, they seek his advice for all aches and pains. This includes issues that are not work-related–an activity we encourage, because our workers’ health and well-being are critical to our over-all performance. Ray is not the type that does anything for praise. In fact, he would be embarrassed I am writing this but I want you to know how much we value Ray’s service as well as our long relationship with Ergonomics Plus.
— John Wittwer

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