Ergonomics Plus is a proactive injury prevention team dedicated to helping our client companies and their team members achieve health and safety excellence.

We are injury prevention specialists. We help you implement and execute a complete solution to the soft tissue injury problem that includes Workplace Ergonomics and Workplace Athletics.

Ergonomics Plus services integrate a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) directly into your workplace to identify and control risk factors that contribute to soft tissue injuries.

By lowering injury risk and improving overall system performance, we’re able to improve key business metrics for our clients. The end result is lower worker’s compensation and healthcare costs, higher productivity, better quality products, and healthier, happier team members.

The Ergonomics Plus mantra is that proactive injury prevention is good for your business and great for your people. We can help you take your program from good to outstanding.

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Meet the Team

The Ergonomics Plus team represents decades of experience implementing world-class injury prevention programs.

Our team members are Certified Athletic Trainers and many hold advanced degrees in Health Administration, Kinesiology, Physical Education and Exercise Science.