Ergonomics Plus is an ergonomics and injury prevention firm built to serve demanding health and safety teams.

On the Journey to Zero

Ergonomics Plus is a company devoted to helping “industrial athletes” live healthy, productive lives and remain injury free. Our mission is to partner with industrial companies and serve them with unmatched value on the journey to zero musculoskeletal or “movement” system disorders (MSDs).

A Valuable Addition to Your Team

Ergonomics Plus services integrate our injury prevention specialists — Certified Athletic Trainers (ATCs) — directly into your workplace to identify and control risk factors that contribute to soft tissue injuries.

Our injury prevention specialists make a valuable addition to health and safety teams. Since 1989, we’ve been helping safety leaders and their teams prevent injuries, reduce worker’s compensation and healthcare costs, improve productivity and build a safety culture that drives tangible results.

The Right Strategy

What makes our approach to ergonomics and injury prevention so successful?

The Ergonomics Plus System℠ combines the science of ergonomics with the best principles of sports medicine to help clients prevent MSDs in a consistent and predictable way. Because MSDs are caused by a variety of risk factors, our hands-on and comprehensive approach is a practical and highly effective way to reduce MSD risk factors and build a culture of prevention.

A Few Quick Reads and Links

Do you have costly MSDs occurring on a regular basis at your facility? If you’re a proactive safety leader, you have a lot of options and firms to consider to help you prevent them. With that in mind, here are a few things we prepared for you.

Any Other Questions We Can Answer?

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