The Most Important Reason to Implement a Pre Shift Stretching Program

There are many great reasons to implement a targeted pre-shift stretching program.

Some of the physiological benefits are listed below, but the most important reason, in my view, might surprise you …

The greatest benefit of pre-shift stretching, in my opinion, is what you are saying to your employees at the start of each day without having to actually say it.

That is… you are important to us, and we care about your health and wellness as our first priority.

It’s just as much about building culture as any of the other physiological benefits.

Physiological Benefits of Pre Shift Stretching

Without a doubt, stretching has numerous physiological benefits for workers.

  •         Stretching reduces fatigue
  •         Stretching improves muscular balance and posture
  •         Stretching improves muscular coordination

Reducing risk of soft tissue injuries through a pre shift stretching program is a smart and proactive way to prevent injuries for your company.

Pre Shift Stretching Enhances Safety Culture

Every single day before every single shift, employees are reminded that their health and well-being is a priority for the company they work for.

While they’re preparing their bodies for work, they’re also wrapping their minds around the fact that this time has been provided by a company that cares about them.

The collective perception employees have about their company shapes the safety culture of the organization and is an indicator of the effectiveness of the overall program.


While stretching has numerous and well documented physiological benefits, it’s important to remember what the benefits of a stronger safety culture could mean for your company.

Provide your employees with a pre shift stretching routine and be prepared for their gratitude and increased commitment to your other health and safety initiatives.

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